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Why go out when staying at home feels so good? A beautiful home starts with a beautiful floor. One look is all it takes to fall for our perfect designs, whether you prefer a classic or a resolutely modern design. You will always find a vinyl floor covering that is right for you. From wooden floor planks, plain all-overs to tiles, the possibilities in terms of designs are as varied as you could wish for. Our color ranges are just as impressive in their endless variety. Best of all, a Beauflor floor is as practical as it is beautiful. Our floors are available in two, three, four or even five-meter widths and come with a broad array of thickness and finish options. They are silent, soft and warm.

Stop dreaming - get your Beauflor.

Why choose vinyl?

Our beautiful and seamless cushion vinyl rolls are the way to go if you’re looking for easy installation, great value for money and a waterproof flooring solution. With widths varying from 2 to 5 meters, we are proud to offer the market's pre-eminent, accessible flooring solution. Discover what more advantages our cushion vinyl rolls have to offer.

Introducing Twilight: the first vinyl flooring for your home with 100% biocircular attributed PVC

Twilight, our premier collection of responsibly sourced vinyl flooring. Crafted from PVC derived from 100% biocircular attributed resources, Twilight not only delivers stunning aesthetics but also champions environmental sustainability with a remarkable 40% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to similar products. Embracing our commitment to healthier indoor environments, Twilight features low VOC lacquer and antibacterial properties, ensuring a space that prioritizes well-being. What sets Twilight apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate nature indoors, fostering tranquil living spaces through our curated selection of 10 biophilic designs. Welcome to a world where sustainability meets serenity, where Twilight transforms houses into havens.

Whatever style you like

A testament to the fusion of innovation, aesthetics and functionality, Beauflor’s cushion vinyl flooring aims to offer a floor for every room, every taste and every budget. With over 800 designs, our Wood, Tile, Uni and Fantasy styled floors are sure to fit into your every need.

Your room, your floor

From the entrance hall to your bedroom, our cushion vinyl offers solutions for every room in your house. With a practically unlimited range of designs, you can be assured that your taste can be accomplished across your home. Browse our different rooms to discover the advantages vinyl offers to you.
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Are you a professional?

From the bustling floors of a retail store to the tranquil spaces of a healthcare facility, our flooring adapts to your business environment seamlessly.

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