Cushion vinyl flooring by Beauflor

At Beauflor, innovation meets excellence in cushion vinyl flooring. Our expertise and passion are reflected in every roll we produce, delivering unmatched quality and style to businesses worldwide.

Whatever floor you need

At Beauflor, our diverse range of cushion vinyl flooring is designed to meet your needs. With customizable options, we ensure that every flooring solution reflects your unique style and requirements. From the bustling floors of a retail store to the tranquil spaces of a healthcare facility, our flooring adapts to your business environment seamlessly.

Introducing Twilight: the first vinyl flooring for your home with 100% biocircular attributed PVC

Twilight, our premier collection of responsibly sourced vinyl flooring. Crafted from PVC derived from 100% biocircular attributed  resources, Twilight not only delivers stunning aesthetics but also champions environmental sustainability with a remarkable 40% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to similar products. Embracing our commitment to healthier indoor environments, Twilight features low VOC lacquer and antibacterial properties, ensuring a space that prioritizes well-being. What sets Twilight apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate nature indoors, fostering tranquil living spaces through our curated selection of 10 biophilic designs. Welcome to a world where sustainability meets serenity, where Twilight transforms houses into havens.

Wherever you are

Beauflor's extensive distribution network spans over 100 countries, with a robust presence in DIY chains, wholesale stores, and home decoration retailers. Our global reach, backed by impressive figures like 40 million m² of distributed flooring and a turnover of 170 million euros, ensures that our high-quality cushion vinyl flooring is within your reach, wherever you are.


Find your perfect fit 

High performance flooring comes in different styles and forms. That’s why we at Beauflor carry a wide range of 12 professional collections. From Social housing to Retail and from Senior Living to Public Spaces, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fit for your business. Let your imagination run wild and be sure to test our limits. Are you ready to roll with us?

Are you a homeowner?

A beautiful home starts with a beautiful floor. One look is all it takes to fall for our perfect designs, whether you prefer a classic or a resolutely modern design. You will always find a vinyl floor covering that is right for you.